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'Jimi's Shred House' on 'Tarantula Ditch' 2019 CD by Tracy G.

Updated: Sep 5, 2019

2019 Tarantula Ditch by Tracy G ... Jimi Bell plays on track#2 called 'Jimi's Shred House'

Jimi Bel says ..."Totally honored to have been a guest soloist on the track 'Jimi's Shred House' on former 'Dio' Guitarist Tracy G. on his new 2019 CD TARANTULA DITCH!"

The Tracy G Group features former 'DIO guitarist' Tracy G, bassist Randy Oviedo, drummer Adrian Aguilar and vocalist Michael Beatty. This multi-talented band plays a mix of metal and heavy blues.

Track 2: "Jimi’s Shred House" find it on ...

Links to TRACY G.

website: TracyG


Tracy G – Lead and Rhythm Guitar Randy Oviedo – Bass Roger Halvorson – Keyboards on track 10

Year: 2019 - Label: Spooky G Music

Producer: Tracy G

Track 2: "Jimi’s Shred House" find it on ...


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