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  • I've had the honor of seeing Jimi play since the 80s
    there's no better shredder on this planet. he's a national treasure & icon. thanks, Jimi, for all the years of music & earth shaking solos

    by Kay Oct 2020 

  • I saw Jimi on stage for the first time about 20 years ago. I stood in the front row in awe of his skills and was hooked! A few of my friends and I ended up going to all his shows whenever he came to ct or ma.  Amazing every time!! I am forever fan of Jimi!!

    by Carli, Oct 2020

  • First time  I saw jimi play i was 19 and thought one day I'll play guitar just like him  .. Jimi is my musical influence

    by Amanda, Oct 2020

  • The first time I saw Jimi play it was late 70scearly 80s and the first time you see him perform you realize he is 100 percent hitting on all cylinders a musician carry's you thru a set  a performer captivates an audience and makes listening an adventure i am the lucky one I got to see those amazing performances thru 5 decades. Here's to you induction in the new England hall of fame to the House of Lords and now to AUTOGRAPH if you have never seen Jimi play take the time to experience a living legend perform.

    by David LaDuke, Oct 2020.

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